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ASCE’s new code of ethics guides civil engineers

ASCE's new code of ethics has an easy-to-interpret hierarchical system and an approach that addresses issues of the day.

Part 1 of 2: ASCE’s new code of ethics explained

In the first of two parts, general counsel Tara Hoke highlights similarities and differences between ASCE’s new code of ethics and its predecessor.

ASCE installs new Code of Ethics

ASCE has updated the primary document that guides and protects decisions made by civil engineers around the world.

Commonalities in association ethical codes highlight competency, loyalty

Other professional associations’ codes of ethics mirror ASCE’s in many ways.

How ASCE’s Code of Ethics May Apply to Personal Conduct during the Pandemic

This hypothetical situation is modified from an actual case that was considered by ASCE’s Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC). Situation AN ASCE MEMBER maintains a personal Facebook page on which he regularly shares humorous graphics, videos, and popular memes. As evidenced by his postings, the member’s sense of humor runs the gamut from innocent to salacious, with topics ranging from family and home life to current...

President’s Note: Global Crises and Civil Engineering

OVER CENTURIES, natural disasters have brought people together. When Hurricane Michael battered the Gulf Coast in 2018, first responders and local organizations across the United States rallied in support of those affected. When wildfires recently raged through Australia, more than 3,700 firefighters from around the world rushed to help battle the flames. It’s in these moments that humanity comes together as one. But when...