Tag: Coasts and Waterways

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Infrastructure Solutions: Renewable energy surges forward

This installation of Civil Engineering’s Infrastructure Solutions series, which looks at how civil engineers are using cutting-edge techniques to resolve the issues identified in ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, examines the nation’s energy system. The United States’ transition from traditional fossil fuel and nuclear sources to other sources of renewable energy has significant implications on transmission and distribution infrastructure — both on land and...

Harbinger of the future: The Suez Canal (Part 1)

Bridging East and West, the Suez Canal was a pinnacle of 19th-century infrastructure.

Construction begins on stormwater treatment area to benefit Florida’s Everglades

Construction recently began in Florida on a key component of the Central Everglades Planning Project, an ambitious to increase flows of water headed south through the Everglades.

Inclined elevator improves access to historical monument

An inclined elevator is being built to improve access to a monument commemorating the Mayflower landing in Massachusetts.

House passes $10-billion Water Resources Development Act, focus turns to Senate

The Water Resources Development Act would fulfill a longstanding goal of many infrastructure advocates.

Arbor harbor

A floating "parkipelago" is set to launch in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Delivering a masterpiece

New York's new Kosciuzsko Bridge links Brooklyn and Queens, reshaping the skyline of the boroughs it connects.

Southern California rail project shores up coastal bluff

A critical phase of an effort to stabilize a coastal bluff beneath a critical rail line in in Southern California is scheduled to be completed by year's end.