Tag: Codes and Standards

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US plans to retire ‘survey foot’ length

After almost 60 years of dragging its feet, the U.S. government prepares to retire the historical unit of measure.

Designing tall buildings for wind

A new ASCE Manual of Practice brings much-needed consistency to criteria for tall buildings specific to wind effects.

ASCE seeks comments on new sustainability standard

ASCE is conducting a public comment period on the new standard activity ASCE/COS 73-XX Standard Requirements for Sustainable Infrastructure, open now through Jan. 18.

FHWA proposes 10-year debarment for FIGG Bridge Engineers

A partially constructed reinforced-concrete pedestrian bridge collapsed during a post-tensioning operation. The bridge designer contests the government's findings.

Carbon composites make their way from the lab to the field

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are pioneering a family of lightweight CFRP composite products.