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Business leader learns employees can work successfully from home

Lee Slade, P.E., M.ASCE, chair of Walter P Moore, explains that there are new ways to 'meet' challenges.

Maryland school district uses public-private partnership to build public schools

A Maryland school district entered into a public-private partnership that will design, build, finance, and maintain six public schools.

Federal election results spell a mixed message for infrastructure funding

The outlook for federal infrastructure funding remains unclear in the wake of a Joe Biden victory and the possibility of a divided Congress.

Protecting your business from cyberthieves

The internet ecosystem is constantly evolving, and it has created a number of unintended opportunities for cyberthieves. Knowing what to do should you fall victim to a cyberthief will prove invaluable.

Dodge construction forecast outlines road to recovery

The forecast projects that the pandemic-related recession should be short-lived, but future construction spending will remain stagnant if there is no vaccine or infrastructure stimulus package.

Energy outlook crowns solar new king

Electricity generation will undergo a massive change over the next five years as renewable energy sources overtake coal-fired power plants for energy production, report says.

Third-quarter data depict good news for AEC industry despite pandemic

Most notably, the survey shows a lack of expansive layoffs in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

AEC industry shows signs of slow but steady recovery

As of late August, early third-quarter economic data and consumer confidence indexes were heading in the right direction as the architecture, engineering, and construction market segment began to pull out of a relatively short but substantial recession, according to AEC industry economists. After COVID-19 shutdowns and stay-at-home orders in many areas of the country in the second quarter of 2020, the deep trough in...

ASCE Salary Report Reveals ‘Strong’ Profession, Positive Trends

The ASCE 2020 Civil Engineering Salary Report shows an industry with fundamentals that continue trending in the right direction. The median pre-tax annual salary in 2019 among survey respondents was $115,000, up from $109,000 last year, continuing a half-decade-long trend of increasing compensation for civil engineers. “This survey highlights the fact that prior to the pandemic, our profession was strong,” said ASCE President K.N. Gunalan, Ph.D.,...