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Advocating for infrastructure on Capitol Hill

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many ASCE activities have transitioned to a virtual format. This includes the 2021 Legislative Fly-In, which will focus on sharing the grades and recommendations from the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.

Failing infrastructure costing families $3,300 a year, new ASCE report says

"Failure to Act: Economic Impacts of Status Quo Investment Across Infrastructure Systems" drives home the need, down to the family level.

ASCE Report Card legislative wins

What has ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card accomplished? Plenty.

The ASCE Report Card advocates for infrastructure

ASCE’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and state assessments have had a lasting impact on the way politicians and policymakers address the nation’s critical infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure Solutions: Renewable energy surges forward

This installation of Civil Engineering’s Infrastructure Solutions series, which looks at how civil engineers are using cutting-edge techniques to resolve the issues identified in ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, examines the nation’s energy system. The United States’ transition from traditional fossil fuel and nuclear sources to other sources of renewable energy has significant implications on transmission and distribution infrastructure — both on land and...

COVID-19 Community Calls 26: Grading Mississippi’s Infrastructure

Every day in April, ASCE Plot Points is calling a different civil engineer from around the world to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their life, their community, their work and the civil engineering profession. Thirty days. Thirty phone calls. Community Call 26 considers the ongoing ASCE work (even during a pandemic) to grade America's infrastructure. Jacob Forrester talks about his work chairing the...

National Sibling Day Spotlights Talented Young Engineering Sisters

The future of environmental and civil engineering could well be shaped by two young engineers who grew up in the same household. The Gibson sisters – Peyton and Devon – will celebrate National Siblings Day this year on opposite sides of the country from each other but maintaining a shared love of family and engineering. “We have pretty differing personalities, but we share very similar worldviews...

Coronavirus Shifts Plan for Annual ASCE Fly-In  

It certainly was not the week anyone expected, but even as concerns over COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the 2020 ASCE Legislative Fly-In, Society members made their advocacy voices heard. ASCE members participated in the Week of Action, urging their senators and representatives through email to invest in a modern, resilient infrastructure for America. ASCE set a goal of sending 3,000 emails to Congress this...

ASCE Helps Stage First-Ever Presidential Candidates Forum on Infrastructure

Maylinn Rosales, past-president of the Nevada Section, has been working on issues of infrastructure advocacy for her entire professional life. She’s attended the last seven ASCE Legislative Fly-Ins in Washington, D.C. and played a key role in the “2018 Report Card on Nevada’s Infrastructure.” But this year’s work is different. This year is special. Rosales, who emigrated from Nicaragua to the United States in 1999, received...

ASCE 2019: The Year in Photos

It was a rich and rewarding year at ASCE in 2019. So rich and so rewarding that mere words can’t do it justice. Here is ASCE’s 2019 Year in Photos: In May, ASCE launched Future World Vision, a bold, comprehensive project to anticipate, reimagine and prepare for the future. Using data-driven, in-depth, scenario-planning analysis, Future World Vision puts civil engineers in position to lead, not just today but...