Tag: Natural Disasters

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Response team investigates wildfire damage to buried drinking water infrastructure

A response team led an investigation into the damage sustained to Paradise, California's, buried drinking water infrastructure caused by the November 2018 Camp Fire.

Houston-area community expands major stormwater detention project

As part of a larger Texan effort to reduce flooding from increasingly extreme storms, Clear Lake City Water Authority is converting a former golf course into a stormwater management area.

Simple retrofit may keep the lights on after an earthquake

Brittle power transformer bushings tend to fail during large earthquakes, but researchers have found a way to reduce downtime and repair costs through a simple, inexpensive fix.

Preparing for inundation

Tsunamis might be infrequent and localized, but their impact on coastlines can be catastrophic. Find out how engineers’ long-running efforts to better protect coastal communities have finally paid off.

Let your passions inspire your career

Daniel Campbell is using his knowledge of surveying, soil mechanics, building design, and construction management to help the most vulnerable communities in Dominica rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Learning about loss

Civil Engineers have learned a great deal from the catastrophic tsunami that struck Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka in December 2004.

Engineers help New York buildings prepare for hurricane season

In the years since Hurricane Sandy brought flooding to New York, the city has been working to prepare its buildings for the next natural disaster.

House passes $10-billion Water Resources Development Act, focus turns to Senate

The Water Resources Development Act would fulfill a longstanding goal of many infrastructure advocates.

President’s Note: Global Crises and Civil Engineering

OVER CENTURIES, natural disasters have brought people together. When Hurricane Michael battered the Gulf Coast in 2018, first responders and local organizations across the United States rallied in support of those affected. When wildfires recently raged through Australia, more than 3,700 firefighters from around the world rushed to help battle the flames. It’s in these moments that humanity comes together as one. But when...

Global Partnership Positions ASCE to Lead Climate Change Mitigation Effort

ASCE has announced a new partnership with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy as part of the recently launched International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure. The collaboration, announced this week at the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP 25, aims to advance practical solutions to adapt infrastructure to a changing climate, close the resilience investment gap and break down barriers to action across the...