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Civil Engineering Almanac – Seattle World’s Fair opens

Reuben Hull's Civil Engineering Almanac travels back to the day when Seattle's World Fair opened.

Slideshow: Australia plans sustainable ‘living’ structure to help conserve world’s corals

Housed within a sustainable concrete-framed structure powered by renewable energy, a “living ark” in Australia is planned to help study and preserve more than 800 species of hard coral.

Pressurized sand damper proposed for earthquake engineering

Earthquake shaking has resulted in severe damage of structures built in the past 40 years, despite being designed according to building codes valid at the time of construction. Seismic displacement has been identified as the cause, and over the past four decades many seismic and wind engineering design and retrofit strategies have been employed. One such strategy is the addition of fluid dampers to...

SEI Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program takes aim at embodied carbon

The SEI Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program provides structural engineers with the tools and resources necessary to contribute and track projects toward the vision of net-zero embodied carbon structures by 2050.

New means of improving gusset plate design’s seismic performance

Gusset plates connect weight-bearing beams and girders to columns on bridges, buildings and other structures. To minimize failure of this important connection, the connections to the beam and column must be stronger than the braces themselves. A new study in the Journal of Structural Engineering, "Incorporating Frame Action into Seismic Design of Gusset Plates" by Yao Cui, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE; Xiaozhuo Xu; Tracy C. Becker, Ph.D.,...

StartUp Part 5: When to make your first hire

Too much interest? Too many good opportunities? It’s the kind of problem small-business owners dream about – but a problem to address, nonetheless.

SEI announces new class of Fellows

ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute recently announced its class of 2021 SEI Fellows.

Structural legend behind original World Trade Center, Robertson dies at 92

Leslie E. Robertson, a brilliant conceptualist who designed the structural systems of the World Trade Center, has died. He was 92.

Spotlighting seismic design criteria for nuclear facilities

Technical updates to the latest edition of ASCE/SEI 43 ensure the proper design of nuclear facilities.

Performance-based seismic design succeeds in Turkey

The design of the Başakşehir Pine and Sakura City Hospital in Istanbul, the largest base-isolated structure in the world, is the result of creative, blue-sky thinking.