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Multidisciplinary course addresses tomorrow’s smart cities

Transportation systems are changing rapidly and engineering colleges need to keep up with those changes.

Proposed ‘contagion’ model predicts roadway flooding in urban areas

Researchers at Texas A&M are repurposing a model that predicts the spread of viruses to forecast urban flood patterns in real time.

Introductory engineering course offers comprehensive foundation

Exploratory engineering course at Northern Essex Community College offers students an introduction to the field. Simulation software has been the key to this class's success.

Harbinger of the future: The Suez Canal (Part 1)

Bridging East and West, the Suez Canal was a pinnacle of 19th-century infrastructure.

Foundation releases comprehensive US flood model, warns of greater risks

Flood models developed by an independent research group show millions more properties in danger of flood than FEMA flood maps suggest.

3D holograms offer alternative to 2D construction drawings

Can holograms replace construction drawings?

How Does the 2020 Economic Downturn Compare with Others Past?

FOR ENGINEERS with several decades of experience, the current economic crisis wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic is, in some ways, a familiar challenge. Experienced engineers who weathered the economic downturns of the early 1990s; the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; the Great Recession caused by the financial crisis of 2008; and other national and international crises have learned from the past. Yet...

COVID-19 Requires Changes to Keep Construction Personnel Safe

KEEPING CONSTRUCTION personnel safe on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic is serious business. From safety guidelines to make transmission of the virus less likely to technology that enables heightened remote monitoring and site review, companies are working to ensure that construction sites remain safe as work continues or shuts down. On March 25, the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) published guidance documents for construction employers and...

Will Today’s Covid-19-Prompted Teleworking Keep Working Tomorrow?

DURING WHAT MIGHT turn out to have been the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, several engineering firms told Civil Engineering magazine that all, or nearly all, of their employees were working from home, relying on computer screens, internet connections, and other technology to stay in touch with one another and keep servicing their clients. Added to that anecdotal data are the results of a survey...

Engineers Respond Quickly to Teleworking

AS COVID-19 SPREAD across the world and state and local governments closed down businesses to encourage social distancing, engineering firms faced two challenges: keeping their employees safe and continuing to work for their clients—many of whose projects were deemed essential. The solution was simple: have everyone work from home. But the execution was complex. Combining longstanding processes with new measures meant ensuring that everyone had the...