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Verbal acknowledgments are not always reliable

An owner's officer thought a contractor's differing site condition claim would be recoverable. A court saw it differently.

The Law: Think twice about taking on a duty to defend

Lawyers Michael C. Loulakis and Lauren P. McLaughlin explain how design firms can protect themselves from contractual liability related to “duty to defend” statutes.

A new twist: Contractor is found liable to a subcontractor under the Spearin doctrine

What happens when a contractor is found liable to a subcontractor under the Spearin doctrine?

Who bears the risk when contracts do not turn out as expected?

A case involving an otherwise mundane issue led to a surprising — and possibly far-reaching — conclusion.

The road to default termination is littered with risk

Here’s what you need to know to successfully terminate a contractor or subcontractor for default.

Contractor required to rip out work despite inspection approvals

The federal government always has the right to insist on strict compliance with a contract.

Limiting contingent payment clauses: A new trend?

Is limiting contingent payment clauses a new trend?

The Law: Construction Industry Impacts in the COVID-19 World

SEEMINGLY in the blink of an eye the unimaginable occurred in the United States in March: Hospitals became overwhelmed, medical supplies went scarce, grocery shelves went bare, and airports turned into ghost towns. In addition, the market crashed, and public panic set in. Like a whipsaw, a domino effect of closures began grinding the U.S. and global economies to a halt, impacting every facet...