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Georgia treatment facility will use membranes to boost performance

A replacement water reclamation facility in Roswell, Georgia, will improve the environment, reduce odors, and ensure adequate capacity through 2050.

California would benefit from increased anaerobic digestion of food waste, study says

California is looking to municipal wastewater treatment facilities to help it meet two goals: reducing statewide emissions of greenhouse gases and diverting food waste from landfills. A recently released study finds that making the necessary investments to enable California’s wastewater treatment plants to accept food waste and add it to their anaerobic digesters would prove cost-effective while at the same time reducing overall emissions...

Detecting evidence of COVID-19 in wastewater

Evidence of COVID-19 can be detected early in the wastewater stream.

Design under way on large-scale sanitation project in Egypt

A Stantec-led consortium has begun planning and design efforts to upgrade and add to the existing wastewater infrastructure in the Fayoum governorate in central Egypt—an initiative that will affect approximately 940,000 Egyptian residents. By providing sanitation to some areas for the first time, the seven-year Fayoum Wastewater Expansion program is expected to improve public health and safety and reduce a significant source of environmental...

Accelerating through adversity

Some critical civil engineering projects have been completed faster than expected during the pandemic. The culprit? Fewer people on the roads.

U.S. EPA, Environmental Groups Spar Over Temporary Compliance Policy

FACED WITH THE PROSPECT that regulated entities might have trouble complying with certain regulatory requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released temporary guidance in late March stating how it intended to handle noncompliance during this time, noting that, among other things, it would not seek civil penalties for most routine violations. Environmental groups immediately criticized the move, contending that it...