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New Face ‘bridges the gaps’ – both literal and figurative

ASCE New Face of Civil Engineering Danielle Schroeder doesn’t simply work on bridges. She is the bridge.

New Face finds passion for water resources, community building

New Face of Civil Engineering Timothy Alston has turned his childhood appreciation for nature into a successful career in water resources.

Extroverted, energetic Boise leader honored as New Face of Civil Engineering

New Face of Civil Engineering Lauren Nuxoll's force of personality is helping her build teams and her hometown of Boise.

New Face honoree takes holistic approach to civil engineering

New Face of Civil Engineering Aaron Opdyke is passionate about teaching technical knowledge within a socioeconomic context.

Childhood dreams turn into engineering success for New Face honoree

New Face of Civil Engineering Kadapawo Gerald Opolot loved making miniature dams in the mud when he was a kid. Now he's working on the real thing, helping his home of Uganda develop sustainable energy solutions.

New Face honoree seeks systems solutions to world water crises

New Face of Civil Engineering Kimberly Pugel has taken her fear of climate change and turned it into positive action.

Family, community, engineering – New Face makes everlasting contribution

New Face of Civil Engineering Bahaar Taylor has taken multitasking to a new level.

5 keys to building successful engineering relationships

But how can civil engineers successfully form successful relationships with the members of the communities their projects serve? Jazzy Principe, a project manager for Jacobs, sorts it all out.

High STEM earners know how to communicate

Georgetown University researchers have identified key job competencies that increase earnings for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals.

Active learning helps diverse groups with STEM subjects

Recent racial protests have highlighted persistent income and wealth gaps between white Americans and racial minorities. A study finds a way to lessen the effects of this disparity in STEM education.