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Choose an inspiring mentor and a job that fits your values

Katie Bowman, P.E., M.ASCE, is making a long-lasting difference in the world.

Educating the 21st Century Civil Engineer

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CE Roundtable: What COVID-19 has revealed about leadership

How has the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the importance of civil engineering leadership skills?

CE Roundtable: What COVID-19 Has Taught About Leadership

The ASCE News Civil Engineering Roundtable showcases insights from a cross-section of ASCE members on a variety of industry topics. Today’s roundtable draws from a recent ASCE Thursdays@3 webinar conversation, discussing the different ways the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of civil engineering leadership skills. Question: Why are leadership skills more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic? Andrea DuMont P.E., M.ASCE Water resources engineer, Jacobs; industry blogger “When...

Ask Anthony: How Do You Interrupt Someone Who Doesn’t Stop Talking?

I do a lot of speaking and training on networking and relationship-building for civil engineering professionals. One of the points I teach on is allowing the other person you are conversing with to finish their sentences completely. Most people don’t do this. We tend to cut other people off or speak over them. That inevitably brings up the question, “What if I am speaking to...

5 Essentials for Career Development

Building your career often comes with a variety of challenges. Whether it’s transitioning to a new position or staying on top of the latest industry trends, navigating your career path is not always a straight road. Finding your footing can be especially difficult in an ever-changing profession. The breadth of required knowledge is constantly expanding. And the next generation will have to know far more...

StartUp, Part 4: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Starting Your Own Engineering Firm

Read the Top 10 lessons learned from Mike Howell, CEO, Arrow Engineering.

Do Leadership and Social Skills Come Naturally to Civil Engineers?

Franklin Sherkow, P.E., ENV SP, is an ASCE Fellow and Life Member, and former president of ASCE’s Oregon Section. He was on the civil engineering faculty at Oregon State University for six years before returning to consulting. In today’s Member Voices, he examines the notion of natural challenges for civil engineers when it comes to leadership and communication skills. What if people with certain traits...

Welcome to the Era of the Virtual Event

In a moment now sadly rich in irony, University of Washington professor Kate Simonen attended a carbon neutral conference in Los Angeles this past March and thought to herself, “I don’t want to travel this much anymore.” The COVID-19 pandemic was still mostly impending in the United States. But for Simonen, it wasn’t even the pandemic concerns. “I was reflecting on my health, the time away...

How to Find Your Work-Life Alignment

The pressures from one’s career and personal life can be difficult to cope with. So, finding the perfect work-life balance is crucial to having a healthy life and satisfying work environment. However, new studies show that professionals should aim for work-life alignment, not balance. Work and life should not be two separate entities. Instead, life is the big picture, and work should be a part...