Topic: Career Development

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Paying attention to details pays off

Matthew Hughes, P.E., M.ASCE, is digitizing infrastructure into GIS databases, making sure the data are accurate for utility clients.

High STEM earners know how to communicate

Georgetown University researchers have identified key job competencies that increase earnings for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals.

Ask Anthony: How do I improve my communication skills if I am a shy person?

Just because you are a shy person doesn’t mean you can’t engage in meaningful conversation.

College course focuses on how fire affects structures

Structural fire engineering is a subset of civil and structural engineering that many civil engineering graduates know next to nothing about. Erica Fischer, Ph.D., M.ASCE, is working to change this.

Using big data to make better asset management decisions

Sabrina N. Rivera, P.E., M.ASCE, is using big data to help the utility she works for make smart asset decisions.

Ideation in design thinking: a case study

The problem your client asks you to address may not be precisely what they initially state. How could design thinking help you?

CE Roundtable: How do you stay current with evolving technology?

How do civil engineers keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape?

4 essentials for sparking innovation

Civil engineering is built on skill and precision. But how can one spark innovation? Here are some tips.

Review: How to persuade and inform

“You will learn how to speak and write well from this book,” promises author Patrick Henry Winston. Does he deliver?

Build relationships, have courage, and really listen

Katherine Latham, A.M.ASCE, founded her own engineering consulting firm, Talman Consultants LLC. She offers advice on managing client relationships as well as co-workers and peers.