Topic: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Engineering Ethics: Social equity

In the final part of this series, interviewees discuss how sound and ethical judgments can benefit communities and enhance the quality of life for all persons who are affected by civil engineers’ work.

NIBS survey to help shape the future of social equity and the built environment

ASCE member input, through a new survey, can play a critical role in informing future efforts to improve social equity in the built environment.

How can college campuses be designed to be more equitable?

A recent panel engaged the challenges and opportunities of designing for equity on college campuses.

Meet the 2021 ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering–College honorees

The ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering–College class represents the best and the brightest students from campuses around the world.

New Face serves as the voice of underrepresented civil engineers

A love for rollercoasters put Jayvon Garth on the ride toward a career in civil engineering and architecture. But specific life experiences further pushed him to focus on projects that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.

New Face honoree is #StompingOutStereotypes across the profession

As a child, Chloe Gharios was taught to never be intimidated by the “man’s world.” Now, it’s her mission to inspire young women to break stereotypes and choose careers in STEM – a message she’s spreading via social media.

New Face ‘bridges the gaps’ – both literal and figurative

ASCE New Face of Civil Engineering Danielle Schroeder doesn’t simply work on bridges. She is the bridge.

New Face finds passion for water resources, community building

New Face of Civil Engineering Timothy Alston has turned his childhood appreciation for nature into a successful career in water resources.

Engineers, planners ‘re-envision’ the post-pandemic design of cities

One takeaway from a webinar series by the Los Angeles Headquarters Association is that it’s often engineers who are empowered to implement strategies to improve the equity and inclusion of designs.

Understanding the role of gender in knowledge seeking among engineers

Previous research has discussed the marginalization of women in the profession, but how does knowledge acquisition play a role?