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What skills will transportation engineers need in the future?

Researchers at Ohio State collected views from a balanced panel of experts from academia, the private sector, and the public sector, in order to address three questions specific to transportation engineers in next 5-10 years.

Hybrid course helps new students feel connected — even from home

Freshmen-level architectural engineering course at Cal Poly fosters a sense of community for students on and off campus.

ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition reaches its 34th year

ASCE’s most popular student competition has generated many records over the years.

First all-female concrete canoe team ready for Society-level competition

Ahead of the 2021 Society-wide Concrete Canoe Competition, the Youngstown State University concrete canoe team has secured their place in ASCE history as the competition’s first all-female team.

Shaping how future civil engineers will learn: ASCE seeks comments on program criteria

It’s not a stretch to say that the very direction of the civil engineering profession is being debated this summer on ASCE Collaborate.

ASCE 2021 Virtual Concrete Canoe Competition+ fields of qualifying schools set, ready for June

The ASCE 2021 Society-wide Concrete Canoe Competition field is set. Which schools made the cut?

Taking a rigorous approach to creativity in civil engineering

How can civil engineers integrate more creativity into their work? Oliver Broadbent takes a rigorous approach by balancing creative thinking with analytical and technical thinking to support the profession’s overall success.

University course teaches sustainability from all angles

Sophomore-level civil engineering course introduces students to the three legs of sustainability: environment, economy, and society.

ASCE student conferences, competitions embrace the virtual

Yes, the ASCE student conferences are a little different this spring, but they're succeeding in the new virtual format.

Why civil engineering students should make things

The benefit of making things for younger children in STEM education has been widely supported. But what about the civil engineering students in college-level courses?