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West Point students prepare to be leaders

Critical thinking and ingenuity are key components of a civil engineering course at West Point.

Introductory engineering course offers comprehensive foundation

Exploratory engineering course at Northern Essex Community College offers students an introduction to the field. Simulation software has been the key to this class's success.

Carbon composites make their way from the lab to the field

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are pioneering a family of lightweight CFRP composite products.

Educating the 21st Century Civil Engineer

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Do Leadership and Social Skills Come Naturally to Civil Engineers?

Franklin Sherkow, P.E., ENV SP, is an ASCE Fellow and Life Member, and former president of ASCE’s Oregon Section. He was on the civil engineering faculty at Oregon State University for six years before returning to consulting. In today’s Member Voices, he examines the notion of natural challenges for civil engineers when it comes to leadership and communication skills. What if people with certain traits...

ASCE Releases Roadmap for the Future of Civil Engineering Education

The 2019 ASCE Education Summit, held in Dallas last May, included a mission statement of sorts as its subtitle: “Mapping the Future of Civil Engineering Education.” A year later, ASCE has released that map. The full report of summit findings is available as a free download on the ASCE website. Included in the report are four key recommendations that provide a structure of aspirations for civil engineering...

Puerto Rican school’s STEM project demonstrates “commitment to innovative learning”

A two-story middle and high school at the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico will be dedicated to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Prepare for License Exams Like a Pro

Earning your license is an important step in becoming a professional civil engineer. As in all aspects of your career, ASCE wants to see you succeed. With the fall P.E. and S.E. exam dates nearing, we know that many of you are focused on studying. To help you prepare, the Society is offering live exam review courses. These courses are designed to maximize your study...

Safeguard Your Career with Professional Education

CIVIL ENGINEERING  is a sought-after profession with excellent job prospects. Data provided in the report Civil Engineers in the United States* indicate that employment for civil engineers is projected to grow by 12 percent between 2018 and 2028. However, global uncertainty and an unprecedented level of upheaval because of the COVID-19 pandemic could impact this promising trajectory. But change—whether in the form of new technologies,...

College Graduation Week Goes Virtual

Abby Cowser has one last assignment to complete as a college student. She needs to figure out what she wants for graduation dinner. “My mom said she’ll cook me whatever I want, so that’s a plus,” Cowser said. “I might pick chicken parm – that’s one of my favorites. Or maybe something to go with cheesy potatoes.” Cowser, A.M.ASCE, graduates from Penn State University on Saturday, May...