Topic: Ethics

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ASCE installs new Code of Ethics

ASCE has updated the primary document that guides and protects decisions made by civil engineers around the world.

Engineers’ professional opinions must be grounded in observation and analysis

Perhaps unique among all learned professions is the extent to which an engineer’s services affect a multitude of interest groups.

FHWA proposes 10-year debarment for FIGG Bridge Engineers

A partially constructed reinforced-concrete pedestrian bridge collapsed during a post-tensioning operation. The bridge designer contests the government's findings.

Commonalities in association ethical codes highlight competency, loyalty

Other professional associations’ codes of ethics mirror ASCE’s in many ways.

Build your professional reputation on your own merit

Don't take credit for someone else's work.

Keeping Technology Ethical – Whose Responsibility Is It?

Make no mistake, Jacob Ward works the technology beat. He is an NBC News technology correspondent, the former editor-in-chief of Popular Science magazine and an author. But for him, staying on top of the latest technology trends doesn’t just mean gadgets and gizmos. Ward is most interested in the human behavior and ethical conundrums those tech trends reveal. So when he talks about the disruptive technologies that...

Ethical codes must not hinder the rights of consumers

While the fundamental purpose of ethical codes is to protect the public health and welfare, they cannot place obstacles in the way of a consumer’s basic right to choice

Why I Include My Pronouns in a Professional Setting

Danielle Schroeder, EIT, A.M.ASCE, is an associate bridge engineer in Pennoni’s transportation division, based in its Philadelphia headquarters. Though just three years into her career, she’s already been extraordinarily active in ASCE, most recently serving locally as the K-12 outreach co-chair for the Philadelphia Younger Member Forum, as well as in Society-level posts on the Structural Engineering Institute’s Structures Congresses Committee and as a corresponding member...

How ASCE’s Code of Ethics May Apply to Personal Conduct during the Pandemic

This hypothetical situation is modified from an actual case that was considered by ASCE’s Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC). Situation AN ASCE MEMBER maintains a personal Facebook page on which he regularly shares humorous graphics, videos, and popular memes. As evidenced by his postings, the member’s sense of humor runs the gamut from innocent to salacious, with topics ranging from family and home life to current...

Wheels in Motion Toward Possible Voting Rights for Student Members 

There will be more votes to count and boxes to check in the coming year, but the move toward allowing student members to vote in ASCE elections has begun. The Board of Direction, at its quarterly meeting March 14-15 in Washington, D.C. (with some directors attending virtually because of the coronavirus), voted to approve a recommendation that the Governing Documents Committee prepare an amendment to the...