Topic: Innovation

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Breakwaters aim to halt ongoing erosion at coastal refuge

A new series of breakwaters in southwestern Louisiana features an innovative, lightweight design to overcome the region’s poor soils.

Slideshow: Foster + Partners unveils Guangming Hub master plan

Foster + Partners has released its competition-winning design for the Guangming Hub, a transit-focused development on a high-speed rail link in Shenzhen, China.

Converting infrastructure systems to geographic information systems

Geographic information systems’ ability to effectively manage and analyze spatial data makes it an ideal means for cities to manage their infrastructure systems.

Josh Giegel, CTO of Virgin Hyperloop, talks technology and transportation

Josh Giegel, the chief technology officer of Virgin Hyperloop, chatted with Civil Engineering magazine about the technology and future implications of hyperloop travel.

Video: Tower design enables touch-free movement for occupants

Automation and tech synergy are key in the design of the 36-story-tall building in Hong Kong, where occupants will be able to move from sidewalk to workstation without touching a thing.

Childhood friends’ business innovation built to change concrete industry

A group of childhood friends in upstate New York knew they wanted to go into business together. The innovation they developed might just change the concrete industry.

Slideshow: Carlo Ratti Associati releases design for eight-story mobile tennis tower

The concept design of the 90 m tall structure offers eight boxlike courts stacked atop one another in alternating layers.

Engineering innovation solves the problem by eliminating the problem

A new innovation coming out of Romania is fundamentally changing the way sewerage projects get done.

Smart windows utilize liquid solution to improve buildings’ energy efficiency

A water-based approach to designing windows promises impressive energy efficiencies in operations of buildings.

Assessing the economic benefits of blue-green infrastructure

Blue-green infrastructure provides multiple benefits to humans and ecosystems, including health and biodiversity, but little data exists on economic benefit.