Topic: Perspectives

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A new twist: Contractor is found liable to a subcontractor under the Spearin doctrine

What happens when a contractor is found liable to a subcontractor under the Spearin doctrine?

Paying attention to details pays off

Matthew Hughes, P.E., M.ASCE, is digitizing infrastructure into GIS databases, making sure the data are accurate for utility clients.

Lawyers and doctors have TV shows, so where are the civil engineers?

In this era of peak TV, where are the civil engineers? Daniel Bressler went looking for answers.

Josh Giegel, CTO of Virgin Hyperloop, talks technology and transportation

Josh Giegel, the chief technology officer of Virgin Hyperloop, chatted with Civil Engineering magazine about the technology and future implications of hyperloop travel.

Review: On food infrastructure and urban growth

Ray Bert takes a look at Andrew Deener's book, The Problem with Feeding Cities (University of Chicago Press, 2020).

Using big data to make better asset management decisions

Sabrina N. Rivera, P.E., M.ASCE, is using big data to help the utility she works for make smart asset decisions.

12 reasons to become an ASCE member

Why be a member of ASCE? There are many good reasons.

December 2020 letters

Readers comment on Civil Engineering's anniversary and engineers who start their own businesses.

Amid turbulent times, what is the social glue that still binds us?

Empathy is the ability to connect emotionally with others showing you understand their feelings, concerns, and the problems they are facing. In effect it is social glue.