Topic: Projects

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Construction begins on 2 mi long combined sewer overflow tunnel in Alexandria, Virginia

The RiverRenew project in Alexandria, Virginia, includes a 2 mi long tunnel, multiple deep shafts, two large pumping stations, and the significant expansion of an interceptor sewer.

What is the best way to integrate community needs and civil rights into an infrastructure project?

The recent reconsideration of a major interstate expansion project in Texas has reignited conversation around the ways civil rights and community needs intersect with infrastructure.

Pittsburgh draws inspiration for its “right-sized” airport

The indoor-outdoor design of the airport takes its cues from two distinct features of Pittsburgh: one cultural and one topographical.

FHWA invokes Civil Rights Act to suspend Houston interstate expansion

A massive infrastructure project planned for Houston is in limbo while the Federal Highway Administration investigates potential Civil Rights Act violations. The outcome could have implications for future projects.

The key to structural safety may be collaborative reporting

Modeled on the British CROSS-UK system, CROSS-US accepts reports from any professionals who work with or have knowledge of structural safety issues.

Sacramento-area governments look to create regional trail network

To improve health and safety, provide economic benefits, and help increase transportation access, local governments in the Sacramento, California, region are planning to create a regional trail network.

How to build a railroad underpass: When push comes to slide

When a busy highway and hurricane evacuation route could not be shut down for construction of a rail underpass, the team turned to an unconventional solution.

What’s your favorite ASCE Historic Civil Engineering Landmark?

With more than 200 to choose from, what's your favorite ASCE historic civil engineering landmark?

Historic Washington, D.C., library gets a makeover

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library was transformed into a structure with vibrant multiuse spaces and a renovated rooftop that maximizes city views.

Artificial lake fulfills many roles in a new Houston park

Hines Lake provides the local community with stormwater treatment, flood control protection, recreational facilities, and other benefits.