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Civil Engineering Almanac – First amusement park roller coaster in the US

Reuben Hull's Civil Engineering Almanac travels back to the opening of the first roller coaster in the United States was opened at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.

Floating ferry landings help solve NYC transit travails

The waterborne landings are designed to remain operational even if ground transportation services are interrupted by events such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

Sustainability to redefine historic Sacramento train station

A plan to regenerate the 95-year-old station as an intermodal mobility hub seeks to create a “living community” with a symbiotic relationship between people and the built environment.

Arizona city pilots small green infrastructure projects

The efforts include using pocket parks and athletic fields — among other sites — to temporarily hold stormwater during the seasonal monsoon season so the water can percolate into the ground.

Italian and Chinese architecture combine in Chengdu, China, complex

Design firm aoe has combined two distinct architecture styles — Italian and Chinese — in one pavilion complex to illustrate the cultural mix that defines the history of Chengdu, China.

NASA beach project requires the right stuff — even for Florida sand

The sand for the new dune system had to meet specific requirements for grain size, color, and other factors because of the site’s dual nature as a spaceport and wildlife sanctuary.

Civil Engineering Almanac – Original Tay Bridge opens

Reuben Hull's Civil Engineering Almanac travels back to the opening of the first railroad bridge over the Firth of Tay between Dundee and Wormit, Scotland.

5 things you didn’t know about the St. Francis Dam failure

The St. Francis Dam failure ranks as the worst U.S. man-made disaster of the 20th century.

Then and Now: Baltimore’s Penn Station to be restored, expanded

The work, which will create a hub for commuters and nearby neighborhoods, will renovate the historic 1911 structure and add a new concourse and two new towers.

Slideshow: Continuous loop design to create landmark tower in China

The tower’s design highlights the importance of innovation and artistry to smartphone company Oppo, for which it is being built.