Topic: Projects

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Design under way on large-scale sanitation project in Egypt

A Stantec-led consortium has begun planning and design efforts to upgrade and add to the existing wastewater infrastructure in the Fayoum governorate in central Egypt—an initiative that will affect approximately 940,000 Egyptian residents. By providing sanitation to some areas for the first time, the seven-year Fayoum Wastewater Expansion program is expected to improve public health and safety and reduce a significant source of environmental...

Arizona train derailment and fire damage historical bridge

A Union Pacific Railroad cargo train crossing a historical bridge in Tempe, Arizona, derailed and caught fire on July 29, causing a portion of the north–south bridge to collapse, sending several railcars toppling off the bridge and onto the ground below.

Inclined elevator improves access to historical monument

An inclined elevator is being built to improve access to a monument commemorating the Mayflower landing in Massachusetts.

Arbor harbor

A floating "parkipelago" is set to launch in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Accelerating through adversity

Some critical civil engineering projects have been completed faster than expected during the pandemic. The culprit? Fewer people on the roads.

Balancing security and care

In creating this modern mental health center, the design team had to balance maximum security and patient care while also facing challenging site conditions and program requirements.

Sidebar: Secure structures

The Nixon Forensic Center is an interesting combination of a health facility and detention center. The state of Missouri and WSP worked together to provide an environment in which patients would not feel as though they were in a typical incarceration environment. This had to be combined with consideration for the security and safety of patients and staff. Each of the six main living units...

Sidebar: Civil support

The design and construction of the new Nixon Forensic Center represented big changes for the site of the new psychiatric hospital—both in terms of the modern facilities that were planned and the changes that were necessary to prepare the physical site for those facilities. Most dramatically, the site featured a 60 ft drop in elevation from its high end on the northeastern edge of...

Delivering a masterpiece

New York's new Kosciuzsko Bridge links Brooklyn and Queens, reshaping the skyline of the boroughs it connects.

Dream It. Believe It. Build It.

Dedicated to the welfare of the public, civil engineers are society’s unsung heroes. But no hero has the same story. Civil engineering is a global profession and community. Therefore, civil engineers can come from anywhere and take inspiration from anything. For Tresor Moolo, that story and his inspiration both begin where he grew up – in Bau, a town in the South Ubangi province of...