Topic: Resilience

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Floating ferry landings help solve NYC transit travails

The waterborne landings are designed to remain operational even if ground transportation services are interrupted by events such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

How effective is building waste as a sand substitute in backfill material?

A new paper in the "International Journal of Geomechanics" looks specifically at replacing sand with waste materials in a retaining wall.

Surviving high winds: Enhancing the durability of residential construction

Extreme tornado events can cause damage and loss of life as a result of flying debris and collapsing structures. While most tornadoes are generally weak and occur in lightly populated areas, there are extreme events, like one in March 2020 that ravaged Tennessee. Multiple storm systems resulted in two tornadoes, one in Cookeville, Tennessee, and the second near Baxter, Tennessee with wind speeds of...

NASA beach project requires the right stuff — even for Florida sand

The sand for the new dune system had to meet specific requirements for grain size, color, and other factors because of the site’s dual nature as a spaceport and wildlife sanctuary.

Sea wall hidden within sand dunes to protect NYC Rockaways

Shoreline protection for the New York City borough of Queen’s Rockaways will link green infrastructure, community resiliency, and equity.

What’s next for America’s inland waterways

In this episode of ASCE Interchange, Janey Smith Camp, research associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University, discusses what’s next for America’s inland waterways.

Removing the ‘Ever Given’ from the Suez Canal is just the beginning

Dredgers helped free the massive Ever Given container ship after it became stuck in the Suez Canal at the end of March. But the impact of the incident is still developing.

In situ concrete maturity sensors save construction time, money

Piezoelectric concrete sensors are capable of assessing concrete’s maturity in situ, a development that will increase construction site flexibility.

Policy Briefing: Biden plan focuses on transportation, water, and resilience

The Biden administration’s proposed $2 trillion American Jobs Plan calls for massive increases in federal funding on infrastructure, particularly in the transportation, water, and resilience sectors.

Researchers explore progress in engines’ thermal management systems

"A Review of Thermal Management System and Control Strategy for Automotive Engines," in the Journal of Energy Management, looks at recent developments in engine TMS.