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ASCE members #Engineer4Tomorrow during Engineers Week

Though Engineers Week 2021 celebrations looked a little different due to COVID-19 restrictions, ASCE members were still able to share their passion for the profession with the next generation of STEM enthusiasts.

5 things you didn’t know about … the Ward House

Designated as a National Historic Civil and Concrete Engineering Landmark by ASCE and the American Concrete Institute in 1977, the Ward House in Rye Brook, New York, is a landmark that many people have never heard about.

New Face honoree takes holistic approach to civil engineering

New Face of Civil Engineering Aaron Opdyke is passionate about teaching technical knowledge within a socioeconomic context.

Childhood dreams turn into engineering success for New Face honoree

New Face of Civil Engineering Kadapawo Gerald Opolot loved making miniature dams in the mud when he was a kid. Now he's working on the real thing, helping his home of Uganda develop sustainable energy solutions.

New Face honoree seeks systems solutions to world water crises

New Face of Civil Engineering Kimberly Pugel has taken her fear of climate change and turned it into positive action.

Family, community, engineering – New Face makes everlasting contribution

New Face of Civil Engineering Bahaar Taylor has taken multitasking to a new level.

Trailblazing New Face strives to rebuild Puerto Rico’s infrastructure

Growing up, Hector Colón De La Cruz recognized Puerto Rico’s expanding infrastructure concerns. This led him to spearhead the first Puerto Rico Infrastructure Report Card. His goal – to rebuild and improve the communities.

New Face serves as the voice of underrepresented civil engineers

A love for rollercoasters put Jayvon Garth on the ride toward a career in civil engineering and architecture. But specific life experiences further pushed him to focus on projects that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.

New Face honoree is #StompingOutStereotypes across the profession

As a child, Chloe Gharios was taught to never be intimidated by the “man’s world.” Now, it’s her mission to inspire young women to break stereotypes and choose careers in STEM – a message she’s spreading via social media.

ASCE recognizes 2021 New Faces of Civil Engineering–Professionals

Meet the 2021 ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering–Professionals.