Topic: Sustainability

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Slideshow: Nature inspires ‘Mitosis,’ a modular building system

An Amsterdam-based design firm has reconceptualized its design thinking, creating a modular building system that emphasizes nature and puts human health first. Find out how.

Change agents

ASCE PLOT POINTS SEASON 4 EPISODE 11 Wanting to help save the world is an admirable goal. Figuring out just how you can plug that mission into your career path is the first step. Marjorie Bedessem is a senior engineer for Tri Hydro and the vice-president of ASCE’s Environmental and Water Resources Institute. And she's excellent...

Energy outlook crowns solar new king

Electricity generation will undergo a massive change over the next five years as renewable energy sources overtake coal-fired power plants for energy production, report says.

Preparing for inundation

Tsunamis might be infrequent and localized, but their impact on coastlines can be catastrophic. Find out how engineers’ long-running efforts to better protect coastal communities have finally paid off.

Manhattan neighborhood releases 10-year sustainability plan

Battery Park City, located on reclaimed ground, is eyeing sea-level rise closely. Here’s how it plans to keep the water at bay.

Chronic drought could cause water shortages in the Colorado River basin, Reclamation warns

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation warns that 40 million people may face water shortages from chronic drought in the West.

Presidential library will be nestled into nature

The Badlands, near Medora, North Dakota, are set to be the site of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

Sydney to get high-tech civic center

Discover how Sydney is working to regenerate its central business district with a new tech-focused precinct.

Georgia treatment facility will use membranes to boost performance

A replacement water reclamation facility in Roswell, Georgia, will improve the environment, reduce odors, and ensure adequate capacity through 2050.

California would benefit from increased anaerobic digestion of food waste, study says

California is looking to municipal wastewater treatment facilities to help it meet two goals: reducing statewide emissions of greenhouse gases and diverting food waste from landfills. A recently released study finds that making the necessary investments to enable California’s wastewater treatment plants to accept food waste and add it to their anaerobic digesters would prove cost-effective while at the same time reducing...