Removing the ‘Ever Given’ from the Suez Canal is just the beginning

Dredgers helped free the massive Ever Given container ship after it became stuck in the Suez Canal at the end of March. But the impact of the incident is still developing.

Running deflection testing in tandem optimized an airport runway assessment

Airport officials at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport coupled two types of deflection tests to assess the condition of one of its runways.

Engineering Ethics: Social equity

In the final part of this series, interviewees discuss how sound and ethical judgments can benefit communities and enhance the quality of life for all persons who are affected by civil engineers’ work.

Slideshow: Design of Belgium casino reinterprets area’s historic sand dunes

The coastal casino, to be built in the municipality of Middelkerke, Belgium, will boast organic exterior lines and offer seawall protection, walking paths, and rooftop plantings.

Exploring effective means for handling food waste

A new paper in the "Journal of Environmental Engineering," “Optimization of Thermal Pretreatment of Food Waste for Maximal Solubilization,” explores pretreatment techniques.

How to maintain company culture when working remotely

Cale Ash, P.E., S.E., shares his experiences with maintaining company culture during the pandemic, and how those lessons may inform the future workplace.
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FHWA grants help steer discussion of mileage-based tax

The Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives grant program is helping Ohio, Texas, Washington, D.C., and seven states along the Eastern Seaboard — among others — explore alternatives to the gas tax.

Slideshow: Striking geometric lines to elevate conference venue’s expansion in Beijing

The 16-building, 438,500 sq m exhibition venue expansion combines indoor and outdoor spaces in a design inspired by the lines and textures of traditional Chinese ceramic roof tiles.

Floating, nature-forward campus imagined for New York Harbor

Seven man-made “disc” islands that are linked via walkways and surrounded by floating wetlands are designed for humans and flora and fauna.

Never miss an opportunity to network

Danielle Goudreau, P.E., M.ASCE, landed a job as a project manager by asking questions, attending conferences, and getting involved.

Policy and legislation

United for Infrastructure 2021 will take place May 10-14, featuring a series of virtual events around the country elevating infrastructure as an issue impacting all... Read more
Guest Post by Maria Lehman, National Infrastructure Lead, U.S. at GHD ASCE’s government relations program is about making a societal difference. Through advocacy and relevant... Read more
On Wednesday, April 21, the U.S. Senate introduced a bipartisan bill — the Endless Frontier Act — that would increase American investments in science and... Read more
Guest Post By Ruth Gratzke, President of Siemens Smart Infrastructure I recently came across some startling numbers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about... Read more

Around ASCE

Biden’s United for Infrastructure remarks back ASCE’s investment message

In the biggest sign of the growing momentum behind ASCE’s infrastructure investment message, President Biden delivered a powerful statement at the United for Infrastructure 2021 #LeadWithInfrastructure kickoff event, Monday afternoon, May 10.

Make your vote count; learn more about the president-elect official nominees

Get to know the ASCE 2021 election president-elect official nominees.

ASCE’s global reach extends to international federations

Recent actions by engineering federations have expanded ASCE's reach internationally.

President of ASCE’s India Section Northern Region dies

Gursharan Jit Singh Rosha, an arbitrator, technical advisor, consulting engineer, and president of the ASCE India Section Northern Region, has died.

Technical notes

New paper investigates the effects of roadway travel on spread of COVID-19

Can we extrapolate how roadway travel in the U.S. affected the spread of COVID-19? A new paper in the "Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems" does just that.

Researchers explore progress in engines’ thermal management systems

"A Review of Thermal Management System and Control Strategy for Automotive Engines," in the Journal of Energy Management, looks at recent developments in engine TMS.

Exploring effective means for handling food waste

A new paper in the "Journal of Environmental Engineering," “Optimization of Thermal Pretreatment of Food Waste for Maximal Solubilization,” explores pretreatment techniques.

New paper maps spatial and temporal evolution of ditch networks

A new paper in the "Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering" uses aerial images to provide new insight into temporal and special distribution of catchment-scale peatland drainage.

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