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Are civil engineers doing enough to account for climate change?

Are civil engineers doing enough to account for climate change? Emily Grubert, in a word, says, "No."

Change agents

ASCE PLOT POINTS SEASON 4 EPISODE 11 Wanting to help save the world is an admirable goal. Figuring out just how you can plug that mission into your career path is the first step. Marjorie Bedessem is a senior engineer for Tri Hydro and the vice-president of ASCE’s Environmental and Water Resources Institute. And she's excellent case study in navigating different career tracks to maximize her...

What lies ahead?

ASCE introduces the research behind its Future World Vision initiative and the outlines of the worlds it envisions.

Passage of Great American Outdoors Act promises greater funding for parks and infrastructure

ASCE has sought an increase in funding for the National Parks Service and other federal land agencies.

October 2020 letters

Member viewpoints on magazine articles.

California assesses the climate change vulnerabilities of its state highway system

After examining each of its 12 districts in terms of their vulnerabilities to climate change, the California Department of Transportation is looking to integrate the findings into its long-range efforts to address the anticipated effects of extreme weather on its state highway system. In July, Caltrans announced it had wrapped up the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Reports for District 1 (Eureka) and District 5...

Are civil engineers doing enough to combat climate change?

ASCE Plot Points Season 4 Episode 8: Are civil engineers doing enough to combat climate change? It's a simple question with a complicated answer. Or maybe it's a complicated question with a simple answer. Either way, Emily Grubert, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, makes sense of the chaos on today's episode. And our ASCE Student Ambassadors play guest DJ,...

How to combat the secret source of greenhouse gas emissions

Kate Simonen favors a metaphor about the moon when she talks about her work as director of the Carbon Leadership Forum. It goes something like “If you want to land on the moon, there’s no sense in aiming halfway.” It’s an apt comparison, because her organization’s goal of decarbonizing the built environment is certainly universal in its scope. And the CLF is not aiming halfway...

COVID-19 Community Calls 23: City of Dreams Part 1

Every day in April, ASCE Plot Points is calling a different civil engineer from around the world to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their life, their community, their work and the civil engineering profession. Thirty days. Thirty phone calls. Community Call 23 begins a mini-series within the series, reaching out to three young engineers working in the Los Angeles area. Today we talk...

Samaras Honored With Bartholomew Award

ASCE has honored Constantine Samaras, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE, with the 2020 Harland Bartholomew Award for contributions to urban infrastructure resiliency design and alternative fueled, automated and connect vehicle planning. Samaras has made substantive contributions to three areas of critical importance for urban planning and development in the civil engineering domain: Systems and infrastructure impacts of the transition to autonomous vehicles. Transition to low-carbon energy systems. Civil...