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Optimizing safety through design

In the high-risk industries of civil engineering and construction, workers are often exposed to serious hazards. According to OSHA, one in five worker deaths in 2018 were in construction. The leading causes are a result of the “Fatal Four” – falling, being struck by objects, electrocution, and caught-in-between hazards. And while dangerous site conditions play a role in workers’ safety, so does human behavior. Distractions...

A new twist: Contractor is found liable to a subcontractor under the Spearin doctrine

What happens when a contractor is found liable to a subcontractor under the Spearin doctrine?

Crescent shape marks new airport terminal in New Orleans

The new Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport terminal features a crescent-shaped geometry designed to withstand hurricanes.

ASCE paper analyzes construction safety climate with international focus

A new paper uses a standardized tool to compare the safety climate in the Chinese, Australian, and Indonesian construction industries.

Exploring the properties of sea sand in sea sand–seawater concrete

With limited availability of freshwater globally, materials engineers have explored using sea sand and seawater in concrete production.

Louisville combined sewer tunnel achieves major milestone

Excavation ends on the 4 mi long tunnel that will hold up to 55 million gal. of overflows.

Chase Center arena in San Francisco excels above and below ground

The opening of the Chase Center arena in San Francisco is the capstone in the transformation of the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood. Located on reclaimed ground with weak soils and a high water table, the project works were innovative above and below grade.

Cantilevers create sculptural office on difficult site in Chennai, India

A new office building in India features stacked, rectangular volumes, each cantilevering to create outdoor spaces at every level.

Maryland school district uses public-private partnership to build public schools

A Maryland school district entered into a public-private partnership that will design, build, finance, and maintain six public schools.

Who bears the risk when contracts do not turn out as expected?

A case involving an otherwise mundane issue led to a surprising — and possibly far-reaching — conclusion.