Tag: Drinking Water

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New drinking water pipeline to serve southeast Houston metropolitan area

Houston Public Works and several local partners have begun design work on a $120 million drinking water pipeline project that will serve a fast-growing region of the Houston metropolitan area.

The Philadelphia Municipal Water Supply was the first of its kind

Steam engines and wooden pipes helped Philadelphia pioneer large-scale municipal water delivery.

Response team investigates wildfire damage to buried drinking water infrastructure

A response team led an investigation into the damage sustained to Paradise, California's, buried drinking water infrastructure caused by the November 2018 Camp Fire.

Spa design collects water from fog for use on-site

An international architecture firm has released the design of a health spa in eastern Nepal that will capture moisture from fog and convert it into water.

USDA awards nearly $900 million for rural water and wastewater projects

The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded $891 million in loans and grants for rural drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects in 43 states.

Student project becomes a real-world water pollution game-changer

Microplastics are a potentially dangerous emerging pollutant in water supplies. A team of Georgia Tech students may have just solved the problem.

Louisville Water completes its multiyear lead pipe replacement project

The Louisville Water Company achieved a notable goal in March 2020: removing its last known public lead service lines, a milestone reached by only a few other U.S. utilities.

Chronic drought could cause water shortages in the Colorado River basin, Reclamation warns

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation warns that 40 million people may face water shortages from chronic drought in the West.

September 2020 letters

Readers write about the role of civil engineers in public health and the complexity of the earth's systems.

Accelerating through adversity

Some critical civil engineering projects have been completed faster than expected during the pandemic. The culprit? Fewer people on the roads.