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New Face honoree takes holistic approach to civil engineering

New Face of Civil Engineering Aaron Opdyke is passionate about teaching technical knowledge within a socioeconomic context.

Childhood dreams turn into engineering success for New Face honoree

New Face of Civil Engineering Kadapawo Gerald Opolot loved making miniature dams in the mud when he was a kid. Now he's working on the real thing, helping his home of Uganda develop sustainable energy solutions.

New Face honoree seeks systems solutions to world water crises

New Face of Civil Engineering Kimberly Pugel has taken her fear of climate change and turned it into positive action.

Family, community, engineering – New Face makes everlasting contribution

New Face of Civil Engineering Bahaar Taylor has taken multitasking to a new level.

Engage with empathy and jump on opportunities

Garit Poire, A.M.ASCE, rose to a business development role early in his career thanks to his ability to build good relationships and see things from others’ points of view.

ASCE Spotlights 10 Up-and-Comers: The 2020 New Faces of Civil Engineering – College

Every spring, ASCE shines a ray of sunlight on the future of the profession. It’s the collegiate edition of the New Faces of Civil Engineering – 10 students whose early accomplishments are matched only by their remarkable maturity. This year’s class of 2020 honorees demonstrates astounding focus, ambition and dedication to helping others. Get to know the 2020 New Faces of Civil Engineering, Collegiate Edition: Abby Cowser Penn State...

ASCE Announces the 2020 New Faces of Civil Engineering – Professionals

The annual ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering provide reassurance to anyone concerned that the profession’s future will remain in good hands. These 10 young professionals have each accomplished more in the first decade of their careers than most people manage in a lifetime. There is the structural engineer who was a top-ranked tennis star in his home country as a teenager. There's the environmental engineer...

Bold Decisions Take Valkanos Down Unique, Exciting Career Path

Thalia Valkanos can’t be accused of playing things too safe. Or to use a football metaphor, given her (self-proclaimed) status as ASCE's resident NFL expert, Valkanos doesn’t send in the kicking team when it’s fourth-and-goal in her career. She’s playing for touchdowns. Consider that during the last decade, she has switched majors, changed career paths, uprooted her life for a new city where she knew no...

From Vietnam to Los Angeles, Phan Makes Dreams Real

Brian Phan’s parents had a simple, if daunting, plan as they made their way out of poverty in Vietnam back in the early 1990s and moved their young family to Los Angeles. “Their goal was to allow their kids to do well in school, get good grades if they can, and hopefully accomplish that American dream,” Phan said. Of course, the Phans had few if any...

Obstacle Courses, Soil and Impromptu Piano Concerts – All Part of the ‘Full Circle’

It was during the ASCE 2018 Convention. Robin Kemper, earlier that day inducted as the Society president, invited friends and colleagues up to her hotel suite to celebrate the occasion. Sometime before midnight, there amid the skyscrapers of downtown Denver, someone convinced Joanna Smith to play the piano. And with that, a gathering of civil engineers became a party. Pretty soon Smith was playing Beatles classics, mixing...