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Mind Your Mind

My studies and experience convince me that the trajectory of our professional and personal lives will be heavily influenced by our brain literacy; that is, what we know about our brain, how we apply what we know, and how we take care of our brain. “The lack of brain education is a huge mistake,” says neuroscientist and psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, “because success in all...

By engineers, for engineers

The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence at Toronto's York University brings together students of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering in a structure designed with innovation and collaboration in mind.

Ask Anthony: Get a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering or an MBA?

A few months ago, I wrote about this topic in more general terms regarding credentials to focus on as a civil engineer. However, the specific question of whether to get a master’s degree in civil engineering or an MBA continues to arrive in my email inbox. The answer depends on a few key items. What does your discipline require for you to advance? In the current...

4 Ways You Can Grow Engineering

With increasingly complex projects requiring new technology, will we have enough civil engineers prepared for the challenges of tomorrow? It is essential to inspire more students to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, pursue gender and minority equality in the workplace, and foster partnerships with diverse groups. Here’s how. 1. Reform education to include engineering in K-12 schools Stephen Pruitt, Ph.D., project lead for...